Shannon Rogge
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


I believe in the interconnectedness of mind, body, spirit and the natural world and that we all have the inner resources to heal our emotional wounds. During difficult times we sometimes need a guide to remind us of our inherent gifts as humans. I consider myself a guide and advocate for the soul and well being of my clients. I strive to empower my clients with deep self-knowing and the confidence to discern the best way towards healing, which is unique to each client. I view mental health symptoms as a form of communication between the body and that part of the psyche which needs attention and tending.

Empowerment, deep self-knowing, strengthening resiliency and the ability to access one's own cache of psychological skills are ways in which I frame our work together. I utilize a gentle, heart centered, non-judgemental approach in combination with an eco-psychological perspective as a way towards understanding the most meaningful way towards healing.

I assist clients in discovering their own unique gifts and encourage creative exploration of ways towards wholeness. I offer short term counseling or longer term depth work, depending on the needs of the client. I advocate for a deep exploration of the relationship to the Self, to our loved ones and community as well as to the natural world in which we live.